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  • Totally Free Service
  • Free Call manager + voicemail
  • Free Fax to email
  • Upto 5 Free 0844 numbers
  • Missed Call alerts
  • Much More....

Free 0844 Numbers

We have been supplying 0844 numbers free of charge for around 2 years now and to date our service has 10,000+ users. We are the biggest free switchboard provider with a strong infastructure as well as great knowledge and experience of the telecoms industry. Sign up for free >>

Our 0844 numbers have a range of exciting features and after reading about what our service has to offer you will be asking yourself is there a catch? The truth is with all of our numbers we generate a small revenue when your customer calls the 0844 number. This covers the cost of providing the service with such a vast amount of features.

Please feel free to look at our questions or features pages to see exactly what 0844 receptionist can offer you. As well as our main number service we also offer a range of other telecom solutions and these are available from our main site IC Communications. A few of the basic features are displayed below. See our testimonials of happy customers who quite simply could not function without our service.


-Call queuing for your business - Have to much business? Stack all your calls until you can answer them.

-No maintenance and no licensing fees - Totally free service

-Missed call alert - Email and SMS - Don't miss a call ever again

-Easy answer phone - Answer phone that emails you the voicemails as well as a number to call the customer back

-Instantly re-routes your calls - If you move offices or need to get a phone line set up quick this is ideal.

-Route your calls to your mobile - Ideal for one man bands who need to be on the move.

-Web based control panel - Easy modification with no technical knowledge

-No cost to your business - Totally free service

-Free 0844 number - Upto 5 Free 0844 numbers

-Call Stats - Track your marketing efforts - Track each of your marketing campaigns with ease having a seperate number for each, TV, radio or print.


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